Implant Dentistry – Getting Your Basics Right

Implant Dentistry – Getting Your Basics Right


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  • Scope and evolution of implant dentistry
  • Bone Biology
  • Beginning with the end in mind – prosthetically driven implant dentistry
  • Clinical Examination of the implant patient
  • Review of current implant systems
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Periapical, CBCT, OPG
  • Pre-surgical prosthetic planning: diagnostic casts, mounting, wax-ups, stents
  • Developing treatment plans
  • Hands on- Flap Design and suture on Animal Jaw
  • Hands on Implant placement on models and on Animal Jaws


  • Case Evaluation of Surgical cases
  • Live surgical demonstration
  • Surgical placement of Implants by participants
  • Appraisal of Surgical cases done


  • Second Stage surgery
  • Choosing your Implant prosthesis/ Prosthetic Components
  • Loading Protocols
  • Provisional Restorations in Implant Prosthesis
  • Case presentation of fully edentulous situations
  • The Implant Over-denture
  • Hands On: Impression Techniques – Closed Tray, Open tray Splinting in Multiple Implant situations


  • Minor Grafting in Implant surgeries- Biomaterials and Techniques
  • Maintenance in Implant Cases
  • Demonstration of Immediate implant placement –post extraction
  • Occlusion in Implant dentistry
  • Case Documentations Marketing Implant in your practice
  • Hands On: Delivery of Implant prosthesis of Participants cases
    Grafting Techniques on Animal Jaws


1. Participant gets to place 3 Implants with patients provided for (2 MIS Implants and 1 Nobel Replace ) and 1 Implant free
2. Participants will get support from us for the next 5 cases
3. Internationally trained Faculty
4. Hands on and Clinically Based Curriculum
5. A Library of 25 Clinically Relevant articles will be made available to participants
6. Minimum of 4 Participants and Maximum of 6 Participants for Better Teacher Student Ratio


Rs.1,00,000 only (Single Installment)
Rs.1,10,000 ( in 2 Installments) – 1st installment includes 4 implants 8 Days Snacks and Working Lunch Included Gala Dinner and Certificates presented at the end of the Course
Bank Details In favor of Shina Rachel Kurian HDFC Bank, BANASWADI BRANCH ACCOUNT NUMBER: 50100107967822 IFSC CODE: HDFC0001759

Last Date of Registration : Jan 31 , 2017
Ist Module – 12,13 February, 2017
2nd Module -26,27 February 2017
3rd Module -14,15, May 2017 (Tentative)
4 th Module- 28,29 May 2017(Tentative)

Bank Details

By NEFT, in favour of Shina Rachel Kurian

Account Number: 50100107967822
Account Holder’s Name: Shina Rachel Kurian
Bank: HDFC Bank
Branch: Banaswadi
IFSC: HDFC0001759


1/1 Horamavu, Kalkere Main Road,
Opp. Sunshine School
Bangalore 560043
Phone: +91 9741565240

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Fellowship in Multi-disciplinary Dentistry


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Programme content

 Initial 20 days of course consist solely of  lectures  and hands on, they include

Pre- Clinical Restorative (on Typhodonts and Natural Teeth)

  • 5 Class II Composite Restorations
  • 5 Class IV Composite Restorations
  • 5 Posterior Crown  & Bridge Preparation for PFM, EMax and Zirconia
  • Rubber Dam Application and Tips

Pre- Clinical Endodontics (on Natural Teeth)

  • 4 Anterior RCT
  • 4 Premolar RCT
  • 10 Maxillary and Mandibular RCT

Pre Clinical Oral Surgery and Periodontics (on Animal Jaws)

  • Flaps and Incisions
  • Suturing Techniques
  • Root planing Techniques
  • Open Extraction Techniques

Programme Highlights

  • Residency in Interdisciplinary Dentistry to enhance the career of a freshly graduated or a general practitioner
  • Enables dentist to treat a variety of cases with exceptions of Orthodontics, Implant surgeries and other major surgical procedures.
  • Gives confidence  to a young dentist to begin their own dental practice
  • Helps the young dentist with real life practice management skills as well as financial management which is generally neglected in our dental colleges

Lecture  Highlights

  • Treatment Planning for the General Practitioner
  • Simplifying Aesthetic Restorations
  • Root Canals- Strengthening the foundations
  • To save or to Extract – The Ultimate Guide
  • Pharmacotherapy- A Basic Guide
  • Oral Surgery – Knowing your limitations

A Preclinical Practical Test will be conducted before Participants begin with patients

Clinical Dentistry

The Minimal Requirement is as Follows


  • 5 Maxillary and Mandibular Class II  with Composites
  • 4 Class IV Composite Restorations
  • 3 Anterior Crown Preparations
  • 2 Premolar Crown Preparations
  • 5 Molar Crown Preparations
  • 2 Bridge Preparations
  • 4 Post and Core Preparations and restorations (Fiber Post & Cast Customised Post)
  • 1  Complete Denture

Endodontics (with Rubber Dam Application)

  •  3 Anterior RCT
  •  2 Premolar RCT
  •  3 Maxillary  Molar RCT
  •  3 Mandibular Molar

Course Benefits

Internationally trained Faculty

Hands on and Clinically Based Curriculum

A Library of 100 Clinically Relevant articles will be made available to participants

Maximum of 5 Participants for Better Teacher-Student Ratio

Always work with a Clinical Partner

20 Preclinical Days and 40 Clinical Days

Using Gold standard of Dental materials and Equipment .

Oral Surgery and Periodontics

  • 1 Full Mouth Root planing and Scaling
  • 2 third molar Impactions
  • 5 Open extractions
  • 1 flap surgery of single quadrant
  • Demonstration of  Implant surgeries and Impressions
  • Demonstrations of Impactions
  • Demonstration of Porcelain Laminate Veneers
  • Demonstration of Simple Bone Grafting Procedures

Final Assessment will include a theory and Practical test those who complete the requirements and the test will be eligible for the Advanced Restorative Module and the Implant Foundations courses respectively

Course Fee

Rs.1,50,000 only (Single Installment)
Rs.1,60,000 ( in 2 Installments)

Course fee includes composite starter kit (3 dentine shades, 1 enamel shade, 1 bonding agent and 1 bulk fill composite), crown, bridge and veneer preparation bur kit, Protaper starter kit, assorted K files, Gutta-percha points, 20 Xray films

Gala Dinner and Certificates to be presented at the end of the Course

Bank Details

By NEFT, in favour of Shina Rachel Kurian

Account Number: 50100107967822
Account Holder’s Name: Shina Rachel Kurian
Bank: HDFC Bank
Branch: Banaswadi
IFSC: HDFC0001759


1/1 Horamavu, Kalkere Main Road,
Opp. Sunshine School
Bangalore 560043
Phone: 9741565240

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Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry for the General Practitioner

 Module 1

  • Simplifying Esthetically Guided Treatment Planning
  • Face bow and Bite registration records – techniques
  • Importance of Wax-up
  • Photography and Smile Design

Make a Lucia’s jig and take a centric relation bite records

Take a face bow

Photography Demonstration

Principles of Wax-Up


Module 2

  • Indications and benefits for direct Composites
  • The perfect Class 2 and the C-Factor
  • Understanding the layering technique for Class IV
  • Bonding Protocols
  • Improving the aesthetics and longevity of direct composites

Build-up of a fractured central incisor using the layering technique

Build up of a tooth in Composite

Class 2 Restorations on Premolars & Molars


Module 3

  • Indirect Restorations Composite & Ceramics
  • Inlays, Overlays & Endocrowns
  • Treatment of Wear in Dentistry

Build-up and Preparation for Indirect Composite Restorations

Build up and Preparation for Emax and Gold Inlays& Overlays

Temporization & Cementation Protocol for Indirect restorations


Module 4

  • Modern Day Ceramics
  • Principles of Crown & Bridges
  • The ovoid Pontic and Soft tissue Management
  • Basics of CAD CAM Dentistry
  • Impression Techniques

Preparation of Anterior & Posterior Crowns

Preparation of 3 unit Crown & Bridges

Impressions with 2 card technique

Temporization and Cementation sequence


Module 5

  • Porcelain Laminate Veneers
  • Minimally Invasive Preparation
  • Immediate Dentin Sealing
  • Direct Composite Veneers
  • Internal & External Bleaching Techniques

Preparation of 2 veneers for PLV

Cementation & Temporization Protocols

Preparation of 2 Veneers for Direct Composite Veneers

Bleaching Protocols



 All materials like burs instruments materials and teeth will be provided. You are requested to bring your own hand-pieces and Micro Motors (contra angle). If you want to do more than prescribed work you can bring more Extracted teeth mounted.


Per Module: Rs 10,000

Each Module will be  2 days in duration. Buffet Lunch will be provided on all days along with tea and Snacks.

Complete Course (5 modules):

Normal Registration: Rs 50,000

Early Bird Registration: Rs. 45,000  (Until July 26, 2015)

50% advance payment can be made to avail the early bird offer.


Payment Options

Bank Transfer

In Favor of Jonathan Eric Rao

A/c No. 17591000014417,

HDFC Bank, Banaswadi Branch |  IFSC code: HDFC0001759


Register Today!

Hurry! Register by July 25, 2015 to book your seat. Only 5 seats available per batch. Hurry to be part of a personalized approach to Dentistry.

Workshop: Direct Composites – Revisited (Bangalore)

We are proud to present a comprehensive two day course to teach you a systematic method of achieving predictable success with anterior composite restorations.

Course Objectives:
– Learn to achieve predictable success with anterior composites
– Make freehanded composite veneers look as good as porcelain veneers.
– Make Class III, IV, and V restorations look totally invisible.
– Practice a step-by-step layering technique, for predictable shade and incisal translucency.
– Achieve a long lasting, natural and stain resistant polish every time.

Day 1
Theory: Introduction to direct composites, Indications and Contraindications, C-factor, Bonding Techniques, Stratification and Layering techniques made easy, Shade Matching
Hands on: Class 1V restoration on Natural teeth.
Day 2
Theory: Direct Composites Veneers , Polishing and finishing 101
Hands on:Making a central incisor with composite , 2 Direct composite veneers on Central incisors

August 31 – September 1, 2014

Hotel Chancery, 10/6 Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Dr. Mercedes Elena Forero, Associate Professor: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Jonathan Eric Rao, Visiting Faculty, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain


Early Bird Registration-July 15,2014:

Regular Registration-July 31,2014

Late Registration- August 15,2014

Lunch and Snacks are included.

Composites, Models, Curing lights, Instruments and Burs will be provided. You are requested to bring your Micromotors and hand pieces.

Limited seats available, register today to book your place.

Payment Options

Demand Draft

DD must be made in Favor of “Jonathan Eric Rao” payable at “Bangalore”
Address: #201 Rosedale Apts.15 Hutchins Road, Cooke Town Bangalore 560005

Bank Transfer

A/c Holder’s Name: Jonathan Eric Rao
A/c No.: 17591000014417
Branch: Banaswadi
Address: 4AC-116, 4th Main, Palvotti Church Street,
OMBR Layout, Banaswadi Bangalore- 560043.
IFSC code: HDFC0001759

Or Deposit your cheque at the closest HDFC bank to the following account

We thank you for your time and look forward to your participation.

Please share this with any of your friends who might be interested in attending.

Jonathan Rao
ExthetiX 32 Dental Studio
Mobile:+91 9741565240

Course on Indirect Composite Restorations

06-2014-One Day


Payment Options

Amount: Rs. 4,500

Demand Draft

DD must be made in Favour of Jonathan Eric Rao payable at Bangalore
Address: #201 Rosedale Apts.15 Hutchins Road, Cooke Town Bangalore 560005

Bank Transfer

A/c No.: 17591000014417
Bank: HDFC Bank,
Branch: Banaswadi
Address: 4AC-116, 4th Main, Palvotti Church Street, OMBR Layout, Banaswadi Bangalore- 560043.
IFSC code: HDFC0001759


What is Esthetic Dentistry?

I still remember the day I joined my masters program and my boss called me to his office and said remember You are an esthetic dentist not a cosmetic dentist and you will soon know what i mean”.  As I thought about what he said, the days of working at the university taught me what he mean.

So what is Esthetic Dentistry? It is dentistry where the final outcome mimics nature as far as humanly possible within the biological frame work or as Dr. Pascal Magne simply puts it ‘Biomimetically emulating Nature”. In the opening pages of his classic, Magne talks about how nature  cannot  be humanly inspired but divinely designed and our job is to faithfully emulate it.

For too long the ‘ Hollywood Smile” has been the envy of young and old alike, those bleached A1 shaded teeth  sparkling in the sun has captured everyone’s imagination. But le’ts have a reality check –  do all of us want to have the same bleached smile? Or should age appropriate shades be chosen? Yes, in the end it is the patient’s decision but it is also our responsibility to give him the best, conservative and esthetically pleasing option.

Take for example a patient who was 55 came to me with a request for whiter and longer teeth but with the request that it should be age appropriate.


A conservative approach of using Feldspathic Ceramic Veneers  from tooth 15-22 was the solution we used in this case after two weeks of home bleaching with 10 % Carbamide Peroxide.


03 04The case was not perfect but the patient was happy with the final outcome because it suited her expectation. Now did all this come about in one day? No, It took various stages of planning to reach the final outcome, and here is where I point out that the treatment planning in a case is the most important step to gain an acceptable, biologically sound & esthetic result.

Take a look at this photograph. Can you spot the implant restoration supported here? Probably not. It is not easy to spot since it achieved the Bio-emulation that we strove for.



Here was a patient who had a tooth that was mobile and periodontally unsound in the anterior sector, his only request was that we replace the tooth and match it to his other teeth, looking at his teeth it was quite the challenge, but with sound treatment planning and implementation, and of course a gifted technician we were able to achieve a good result.


06Taking the Pre-op photograph into consideration I think we achieved considerable success. However, the greatest satisfaction was when the patient told us, that his son who lived in another city came home and asked him what all the fuss of going to the dentist so often was all about – when there were no visible changes. To me and my team it was the best of compliments. (The tooth was 11 for those of you who couldn’t spot it).

I hope this post helps you understand better what Esthetic Dentistry is all about. May this inspire us to follow the divine design that our Creator so marvellously designed.

“I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, wonderful are your works and my soul knows it very well”. Psalms 139:14